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Getting your patient’s whole story isn’t easy.


There's not enough time.

You’re running between back-to-back appointments, trying to be efficient, and worrying about documentation. On top of that, you don’t have the time you need with each patient to get their whole story.


It's hard put together a mental picture of what’s going on.

Between listening to patients with complex stories, digging through the EHR, and sorting through faxed paperwork, it’s almost impossible to build a coherent story in your mind and keep track of the details.


Especially with new patients.

Even though new patient appointments are longer, it’s still often not enough time to understand the full picture.

It is incredibly painful to find a patient’s story in their chart.
— Marie, Primary Care Doctor

What if you could see your patients’ stories instead?


Instead of digging through paper and electronic records, asking endless questions and trying to put together a picture in your head, imagine seeing your patient’s story laid out in front of you.

When patients think about and visualize their health history before their visit, they can tell a more coherent story and help you understand it more efficiently. I work with patients to talk through their story and prepare visuals before their appointment – so that you can jump-start your conversation with them. Here’s a little more about how I work with patients.


Recent examples

Wow this is exactly what I try to do in my head when talking to patients. This is so useful!
— Primary care doctor
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See and understand your patients’ stories in a new way.

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