From Pile to Smile: Insights from transforming a friend’s big stack of medical records into a visual story

I recently worked with a friend to help her put together a visual health history. That’s what I do as part of the company I’ve started, Pictal Health, and she was the 21st person I’ve worked with thus far.

Bonnie came to me with a request. After about 30 years of ongoing health issues, some of which were mystifying and for which she felt she had no answers, she was in the process of gathering her medical records (both from traditional medical systems and alternative practitioners) into one place. She asked me to help her make sense of this vast amount of information so that she could start preparing for yet another upcoming new doctor visit.

Screenshot 2018-12-31 12.20.41.png

Let’s take a look at what we did and the many things we learned.

Katie McCurdy