Pictal Health — Purpose, Vision and Values


For the last few months I’ve been working on a new company to help patients organize and visualize their health stories — Pictal Health. I come from a human-centered design background, and in my past work I have often used design principles to provide creative constraints and help my team make good decisions over the course of a project. So in designing this new venture, I am trying to use similar principles and statements to speak clearly about what Pictal Health is trying to do, the impact we hope to make, and how we want to work.

Below is Pictal Health’s purpose, vision and values, which the book Story Driven helped me develop. While the specific products or services we create may change over time, I hope these core statements will remain fairly consistent. So far they have helped me get clear about what I’m working on, make better use of my time, and make better decisions; I hope they also help others understand what I’m up to.

Katie McCurdy