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People who have worked with Katie and Pictal Health have discovered a new, more visual and collaborative way to understand their health and work with their doctors.

My doctor’s exact words were “WOW this is exactly what I try to do in my head when talking to patients, this is so useful!
— L.R., New York City
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Case studies

Blood & Barbed Wire

Visualizing a friend’s complex health history

Being seen, feeling heard

Reflections from working with patients to visualize their health

From Pile to Smile

Insights from transforming a friend’s big stack of medical records into a visual story

Having this conversation is really important – it’s hard for me to put it together otherwise.
— J.R., Virginia


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“It wasn’t clear before how much big life events, like moving to a new place, experiencing the loss of a loved one, or dealing with illness, really impact my anxiety and make me feel out of control. My therapist said, ‘It wasn't as clear to me until we looked at this together.’ The map put everything into perspective for me, too.”

- A.M., Pennsylvania

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“Wow. I can’t tell you how much seeing this completed means to me. I honestly broke down and cried because I felt so seen in a way I haven’t for a while now. I showed my counselor/therapist the finished product and she thought it was the coolest thing ever.”

- M.S., Arkansas

Thank you for getting me here with the most confidence I’ve had to articulate my situation. The design was SUPER helpful and the doc was also very impressed/appreciative.”

- D.J., Vermont

“We used the visual to correct when things went wrong in the conversation. It was a way for [the doctor] to get back in tune with me and what I was talking about. This was one of my more collaborative, productive appointments. I had a positive feeling of sharing and collaboration, which is quite remarkable.”

- Bonnie, Los Angeles, CA • Read the full case study

“It got us quickly to a point that I haven’t gotten to in other appointments.”

- J.A., Vermont

“The doctor spent a full hour and a half with me talking through my health history and doing the tests. I took my timeline and graphic out for him and he immediately took pictures of them for his records and he studied them intently. He said I was the first person to have ever presented such a thorough health history and he was keenly interested.  

I felt completely listened to and he definitely tailored the diagnostics around the information he gained, most particularly from the graphic.”   

- W.E., Vermont

“We saw the doctor yesterday. He was impressed with the visuals! In fact, it helped him focus on the most pressing/important symptoms and to understand which classes of drugs worked/didn’t work. And he spent A LOT less time in the computer system and A LOT more time brainstorming ideas for future treatment plan. 

All this to say that working with you was extremely worthwhile. The end product really helped consolidate and visually reflect the medical odyssey that we’ve been on.”

- N.L., Colorado

“With your help, I've been able to pull together aspects of my history into what feels like the beginnings of a coherent sentence--it's like the timeline is saying something, and I can show it to my doctors so they can begin to decipher what my body is trying to say. I feel clearer and more hopeful than I have in a long time.

- M.L., California


“Thank you again for all of your help with my parents. I am in awe of how you have created a novel approach to presenting their history to healthcare providers. It is also very helpful to them and to my non-medical family members - we’ve had discussions about some of the various events you rediscovered!

- S.L., Vermont

This helps me integrate and make sense of my experiences.

- D.H., California

Wow. I can’t tell you how much seeing this completed means to me. I honestly broke down and cried because I felt so seen in a way I haven’t for a while now. I showed my counselor the finished product and she thought it was the coolest thing ever.
— M.S., Arkansas
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