Start gathering and sharing your health story


Help yourself to free templates and worksheets


Health Summary Template

Put together your basic health history and prioritize what’s important for your next doctor visit. 


Timeline and symptom worksheets

Draw a simple timeline of what happened, and create a visual map of your symptoms.



Or, let us help you create a custom visual health story


Let's work together to create your personalized visual health story, which might include a detailed visual timeline, symptom drawings, and a curated health summary.

This option is helpful if you:

  • are overwhelmed and need help prioritizing

  • want to create a detailed visual timeline of your health history

  • want to work with someone who will listen and help you sort through your whole story 

Contact us to get started — for a limited time, we are offering this service for free to people who have complex health histories and are getting ready for a doctor visit. 


Recent examples

Right now it's free for select patients.
Thank you for getting me here with the most confidence I’ve had to articulate my situation. The design was SUPER helpful and the doc was very impressed and appreciative.
— Patient

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